Participate Actively in the Profession

Competency 6: Participate Actively in the Profession

  • Identifies and participates in communities of practice within the field of Educational Technology

Artifact: Fewell Practicum Proposal – The Flipped Classroom

To illustrate how I actively participate in the profession of Instructional Design, I felt it best to use my Practicum proposal, for which I am in the process of designing instruction now.  I have been very lucky to be able to use my current organization (Pasadena Independent School District), though the practicum’s work is entirely outside of my regular job.  The project that has been agreed on between Pasadena Independent School District’s Instructional Technology Department and myself, is that I will take a face-to-face course that they provide and convert it to a fully self-sufficient, asynchronous, online course.  The topic for this course will be “Personal Learning Environments: The Flipped Classroom”.

For this project, I am writing my own scripts and storyboards for all of the content that was selected (by the SME’s) for the course.  Since the original course was presented face-to-face, none of the materials were generated; rather, they were delivered in an ad-hoc format, based loosely on an agenda.  Audio, videos, screencasts, and presentations are being prepared for this project, which upon completion will be delivered entirely online using a statewide staff development system called Project Share Texas (

This project particularly interests me because I ideally see myself designing e-courses for an educational program, whether in Instructional Technology (like this one) or in Human Resources – Staff Development.  While I am extremely tough on myself regarding my work, I know that I can continually find ways to improve, and that is what I am looking forward to.

In addition to being active in designing instruction, I am also a member of several relevant professional organizations.
ASTD – American Society for Training and Development
TCEA – Texas Computer Education Association
TMEA – Texas Music Educators Association
TI:ME – Technology Institute for Music Educators

I also actively use LinkedIn, and several of the groups there:
Innovation Excellence
Instructional Design and E-Learning Professionals Group
E-Learning Companies
Instructional Systems Design
Training and Instructional Design Consultants
The Instructional Design Forum
Freelance in the Instructional Design and E-Learning Industry
K-12 Tech

If you are interested in connecting with me on LinkedIn, please send a connection request.