Project 2

The concept of Project 2 for EDCI 566 was to create a Digital Job Aid that could be used by learners after instruction was complete.  In this project, we were to create this Aid using at least two forms of media (in this case, only text and images were used).

I found it helpful to think of my previous experience in designing training courses for the teachers at my school.  I nearly always create a handout or a “Quick Reference Guide,” so that when the teachers leave the training, they can refresh their memory without having to call or ask a colleague.  This has come in handy many times, and I felt that it would be a good task to complete for Project 2.

The “instruction” that I had designed, but didn’t actually create (yet), was a training session on the basics of using iMovie to create a video.  This topic was something that I found to be missing/incomplete from the resources section of the EDCI 566 Blackboard class.  Following the instructional plan that I created, I set out to create my Digital Job Aid.

The completed Job Aid is posted for you below:

Fewell – Project 2 – iMovie Job Aid

566 – Project 2 – Instructional Plan – iMovie