Project 1

The concept of Project 1 was to create an introduction to instruction, specifically in the format of a video.  This video was to combine multiple types of media in an attractive way, yet without breaking certain principles of multimedia instructional design.

I chose a topic that is close to my heart, and also one that could immediately be applied in my classroom.  I chose to create an introductory video to the Holocaust.  In this video, I used still images with several different effect styles.  I also utilized my musical background and sound engineering knowledge to smoothly select and edit a piece of symphonic music that fit the topic in mood, timbre, historical value, and length.  I added a carefully scripted narration to complete the instructional aspect of the project.   This was carefully edited with regards to vocal tone, voicing, pacing/timing, and overall quality.

The software used in the completion of the project was iMovie for adhering all parts of the project, Picasa for image editing, Audacity for sound editing, and YouTube for hosting and embedding.  All pictures used in the video are public domain, and were retrieved from  The music selected was the first movement to Mahler’s 5th Symphony, called Trauermarsch.

Below, you will find an embedded video showing my completed Project 1.  It is best viewed in full-screen mode.  Also, please make sure to turn your speaker volume to an appropriate level for your viewing environment.

Never Again: The Holocaust

Project 1 Final Script – Holocaust

Project 1 Storyboard

Never Again – context and objective

Multimedia Principles in project 1